Medicine Subscription Service

A fixed cost monthly maintenance medicine subscription program for as low as P99.00 on covered medicines delivered free door to door with optional free dose taking reminders and patient health record app to enhance treatment adherence and avoid catastrophic complications to save lives, time and money and live longer and happier.

Fixed Dose Meds Cost Hacking (ComboXavers)

Big savings on fixed dose combination drugs by buying recommended equally effective combination alternative low priced brands or individual doses. Savings up to 90%.

E-Coupons Gift

Buy and give e-coupons to special someone for regular or special occasions which they can use to buy here online for medicines, supplies and devices and avail of other value services to keep them well and healthy, afterall health is wealth.

Seniors and PWD Discounts

20% purchase discount for Seniors and PWDs on regular priced products.

Unique Loyalty Program (Xavers)

Discounts, Free Medicines, Free Health Monitoring Devices And Free Point of Care Laboratory Testing to ensure a healthy life availed thru earned points from qualified purchases, enrollments and life events.

Medicine Taking SMS Reminders And Notifications

Enrolled patient may opt for medicine taking reminders thru SMS, E-Mail and App notifications for free.

Free Patient App Support

Android and iOS app support for online patient health record keeping, connecting with bluetooth devices, online healthcare provider consultation, laboratory follow up, monitoring and referrals.

Referral Program

Spread the news of the value services of XalMeds to keep someone healthy, save time and money and earn points redeemable for free medicines, free devices, discounts, and e-coupon gift codes for donation.

Complementary Free Medicine Doses

Occasional complementary free medicines from sponsors for qualified users.

Medicine Sharing Program (CSR)

A social impact program for sustainable medicine and service sharing for deserving patients from good hearted individuals, businesses, civic organizations, local government units and government agencies.