Hermes Cabansay:Licensed Real Estate Broker

“There is a saying, if you lose your wealth something is lost but if you lose your health all is lost. We heard this out straight from an ad “bawal magkasakit” coz getting sick these days is costly. Take my case I have been diagnosed with a heart disease and was about to undergo a bypass surgery if not for the pandemic which suspended all PhilHealth benefits except Covid cases. As a temporary relief I am now taking medications related to my heart problem. A total of 7 prescription drugs and 11 tablets and capsules daily. I used to get all my meds from the known drugstores and spending about 6,200/mo. Until I ran into a brother in the community who introduced me to XalMeds. I gave them my prescription and upon checking has 5 out of the seven drugs. Comparing prices, I save about 62% from my previous cost. But more importantly the quality are comparable to what I used to get. I am grateful for being introduced to this company and I wish them more power and success so that more people can be helped. In this difficult times we need all the help we can get. More power and God bless!

Jevic Villamor, Cebu City:

“I was scrolling through my FB and came across the ad for Xalmeds. With the cost of my maintenance meds for diabetes and CAD almost a third of my salary, I thought of giving them a try. I was surprised by how low their prices were plus my senior discount, some meds were practically free. Delivery was speedy as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Xalmeds.”

Jesusita Moncal, Tagum City:

Ako taga Tagum City. Nag order kog mga medisina sa XalMeds kay barato ra kaayo ang ilang presyo ug maayo pod ang ilang serbisyo. Salamat! (I’m from Tagum City, I ordered from XalMeds because of their low prices and good service. Thank you!)